Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How long is the season?
Players are notified the first week of April as to which team they are on. The games start in April and run into June. We do not have games over April Vacation. There will typically be practices and developmental clinics before the season starts.

2 - What league will my child play in?

League divisions are based on your child's current grade.

Minors: K-2 (Monday/Wednesday practice/games)
Majors: 3-5 (Tuesday/Thursday practice/games
Seniors: 6-8 (Monday/Wednesday/Friday practice/games)

3 - What equipment does my child need in order to play?
Each player is required to bring a glove with them to the field.  Optionally players can bring a bat, helmet and fielders face mask but each coach will have a small number of bats, helmets and face masks in their bag to share with their players during the game only.  Fielders face masks are suggested to be worn by younger players in the Minors division while playing in the field, though we cannot guarantee that each coach will have enough face masks to for each player to use during the game.  It is strongly encouraged that each player wears cleats and softball pants in the Majors and Seniors divisions.  Players in the minors are not required to wear cleats and softball pants but it is welcomed. 

4 - What time do the games start?
The games all start at 6pm. But remember, you must be there at least 15 minutes before the game.  Also, some coaches ask the girls to arrive at 5:00 or 5:30 to hold a practice before the game.

5 - What time do the games end?
Minor (previous Instructional) – 7:15 (No new innings after this time)
Majors (grades 3-5) – 7:30 (No new innings after this time)
Seniors (grades 6-8) – 7:45 (No new innings after this time)
If it gets dark before these posted times, games will end.

6 - Where can I find the league rules?
The rules for each division are posted on this web site under the Information menu..

7 - What if I am interested in coaching and volunteering?
We are always looking for good help - please send an email to stating your level of interest.